6th october

[10:00 o'clock]

Welcoming speeches and Keynote by Dr. Corina Bastian:

Wann gelingen Verhandlungen? Impulse aus der praktischen Konfliktklärung für die Geschichtswissenschaft


[11:40 o'clock]

Dr. Florian Kühnel, Humboldt-University of Berlin

 Intersections of the Diplomatic Self: Status, Confession and Patronage in William Trumbull’s Ego-Documents


[14:00 o'clock]

Dr. Lena Oetzel, University of Salzburg

 Honour and Reputation as Personal Interests. Maximilian Trauttmansdorff’s Quarrels with Bavaria and Spain at the Peace Congress of Westphalia


[15:00 o'clock]

Marion Dotter, University of Vienna

 Between Merchant and Diplomat. Self-concept and Influence of Austrian Consuls in Italian Seaports in the 18th Century


[16:05 o'clock]

Juliane Märker, University of Mayence

 The imperial ambassadors in Venice during the reign of Maria Theresia


[17:05 o'clock]

Christian Gründig, German Historical Institute Paris

 Negotiating a Marriage. “Unpacking“ the Correspondences of two French Diplomats in Dresden: The Marquis des Issarts and the Duc de Richelieu

7th october

 [09:20 o'clock]

Pia Wallnig, National Archives of Austria

 Ernestine’s Naples, 1728-1733: Writing and being written of an Austrian Vicereine


[10:30 o'clock]

Markus Stiebing, University of Jena

 Neutrality or Assistance? Johann Wilhelm Neumair of Ramsla (1572-1641) and his Perception of the Bohemian Crisis 1619


[11:40 o'clock]

Dr. Rémi Dewière, University of Paris 1 - Sorbonne

 Pilgrim, Trader and Ambassador, Al-Hajj Yusuf: An Exception in Borno Sultanate (16th-17th centuries)?


[14:00 o'clock]

Dr. Birgit Tremml-Werner, University of Zurich

 Representation and Perception of friars serving as ad-hoc envoys in East Asia, 1574-1662


The conference took place in the Elise-Richter-Saal of the university of Vienna, Austria.