6th october

[10:00 o'clock]

Welcoming speeches and Keynote by Dr. Corina Bastian:

Wann gelingen Verhandlungen? Impulse aus der praktischen Konfliktklärung für die Geschichtswissenschaft


[11:40 o'clock]

Dr. Florian Kühnel, Humboldt-University of Berlin

 Intersections of the Diplomatic Self: Status, Confession and Patronage in William Trumbull’s Ego-Documents


[14:00 o'clock]

Dr. Lena Oetzel, University of Salzburg

 Honour and Reputation as Personal Interests. Maximilian Trauttmansdorff’s Quarrels with Bavaria and Spain at the Peace Congress of Westphalia


[15:00 o'clock]

Marion Dotter, University of Vienna

 Between Merchant and Diplomat. Self-concept and Influence of Austrian Consuls in Italian Seaports in the 18th Century


[16:05 o'clock]

Juliane Märker, University of Mayence

 The imperial ambassadors in Venice during the reign of Maria Theresia


[17:05 o'clock]

Christian Gründig, German Historical Institute Paris

 Negotiating a Marriage. “Unpacking“ the Correspondences of two French Diplomats in Dresden: The Marquis des Issarts and the Duc de Richelieu

7th october

 [09:20 o'clock]

Pia Wallnig, National Archives of Austria

 Ernestine’s Naples, 1728-1733: Writing and being written of an Austrian Vicereine


[10:30 o'clock]

Markus Stiebing, University of Jena

 Neutrality or Assistance? Johann Wilhelm Neumair of Ramsla (1572-1641) and his Perception of the Bohemian Crisis 1619


[11:40 o'clock]

Dr. Rémi Dewière, University of Paris 1 - Sorbonne

 Pilgrim, Trader and Ambassador, Al-Hajj Yusuf: An Exception in Borno Sultanate (16th-17th centuries)?


[14:00 o'clock]

Dr. Birgit Tremml-Werner, University of Zurich

 Representation and Perception of friars serving as ad-hoc envoys in East Asia, 1574-1662


The conference will take place in the Elise-Richter-Saal of the university of Vienna, Austria. To arrive at the Elise-Richter-Saal, enter via the main entrance the main building of the university and go upstairs. The conference room is directly behind Franz Joseph I, whose statue "guards" the staircase. [Video]

Right next to the university are several bus and tramway stations. We recommand to take the subway 2 to the subway station "Schottentor" (please be careful not to exit at the subway station "Schottenring"!).


To join us from the Vienna International Airport, please use the express train CAT. You will arrive at the subway station "Landstraße". From there, take the subway 4 (direction: Heiligenstadt) to the station "Schottenring". Switch to the subway 2 (direction: Karlsplatz) to arrive at the subway station next to the university, "Schottenring".